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Mom's nails

Mom had perfect fingernails. In the pic above we’re comparing the paint job to the color of the marble in a Roman palace we visited when she was 72. Her nails were better. Always. No matter what was happening around … Continue reading

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Rome in a Day

Scenes around Rome in January. I walked 25,000 steps (says my lyin’ iPhone – it was at least twice that). What is it about Rome? I think it’s the cobblestones. Or maybe the promise of wine. Probably the animated discussions … Continue reading

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Marshmallows and other metaphors

I’m swimming in work but treading water as best I can. I can’t wait to leave for Madrid but in the meantime I’m going to pump out seven reports and annexes, probably 1500 pages of hard-hitting sociological analysis! BOOM! But … Continue reading

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Aspects of Mom

Some of the different ways I saw my mom during my time with her in Deer Trail: Motherly Mom. Looking at the three of us with pride, beaming, telling us in so many words what she thinks of us. Womanly … Continue reading

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Leaving Deer Trail

I’ve had something like six weeks in Deer Trail, and I’m noticing things I never noticed before. Like cows. And everyone knows Deer Trail is the home of the first rodeo, right? Then there’s the Bijou telephone Co-op, and Asshole’s … Continue reading

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