How many seasons? Hint: It's FOUR

Of course we can’t go anywhere – who wants to get on a plane right now, if they don’t have to? But our birthdays came and we decided to live it up a bit. The Four Seasons hotel just ten minutes up the road from us was a poshy splurge. We ate it up!

The Four Seasons Hotel ten minutes up the road was our getaway. They’re serious about cleanliness and distancing, and have very few guests. Oh, yeah, and they’ve got luxuriousness down pat.

Everything worked perfectly there – which was especially great because at home we’d had a power surge. Burned out numerous appliances, including the aircon units in most of the rooms of the house, our printer, my little indoor garden… Coming to a place where everything worked was idyllic. However, I’m a really warm person and Ramon is not, so we did some adjusting:

The food was so delicious, and so different, and so made by someone else. My favorite meal was this beef stew with veggies set in mashed potatoes, while Ramon really liked his seafood spaghetti. The best dessert (IMHO) was called simply “Lemon” (“Citron” en francais).

When you broke open the “lemon”, it was citrusy and crunchy and matched perfectly with that bed of cocoa crumble. Oohhh, we have to go back.

Using the facilities

We had to test everything out so we asked for a tennis time, and were told we’d get a ride to the court.

It was literally 200 yards away. But lovely of them to pamper us! The pampering continued at the court, which was all set up for us with the necessaries, including bug spray for when night started to fall!

I got my toes painted in the spa. First time since February.

It is honestly amazing how nice that felt. We, of course, wore masks and stayed separated. But it still worried me, even though a study this summer showed St. Louis stylists who had COVID had not passed it on – oh, the efficacy of masks! I still need a haircut – I look like Elvira with her roots showing. But lovelier.

The Four Seasons do not screw around

But we do! These compare-a-picture things are cute. I hope. Because I have more, like a two-fer of Us At The Pool:

And Here We Are Getting Ready for Dinner with a Pretty New Scarf Ramon Got Me for My Birthday, while Ramon Looks Dashing As Always:

In a heartbeat

I’d do this little junket again, tomorrow, if I had any more points. Turns out, staying at the Four Seasons can set you back, whether it’s in $$$ or hard-earned credit card points. We scraped the bottom of the barrel! But it was really worth it.

Just seeing a wilder side of the sea, trying new foods, and feeling like a superstar for a short time – I think we both felt restored afterward.

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