Selected evaluation projects and reports

Team Leader, independent evaluation of TradeMark East Africa (DFID and other donors). 2018-2019. 

OPM: Culver, Keri; Cook, Andrew; Spilsbury, John; Rasulova, Saltanat; and Akkurt, Ozlem. 2019. Independent Evaluation of TradeMark East Africa Deliverable 3B: Performance Evaluation.  The files are titled Evaluation report publish (1) for the report and Evaluation report publish (11) for the annexes.

OPM: Allison, Christine; Culver, Keri; Silva-Leander, Sebastian. 2019. Independent Evaluation of TradeMark East Africa Deliverable 5B: Poverty and Gender Impact Study.  The files are titled Evaluation report publish (2) for the report and Evaluation report publish (12) for the annexes.

Evaluation Manager. Mid-term impact evaluation of the Consolidation and Enhanced Livelihoods Initiative (CELI) in Colombia: All reports and annexes.

English Spanish
Executive Summary Resumen ejecutivo
Volume I – General report Informe general – Tomo I
Volume II – Annexes Anexos – Tomo II
Regional report – South Informe Regional: Sur
Regional report – North Informe regional: Norte
Regional report – Montes de Maria Informe regional: Montes de Maria
Regional report – Central Informe regional: Central
Regional report – PNCRT Informe regional: PNCRT

Evaluation Manager, and technical team, component 3. For the Victims’ Unit, Government of Colombia. Evaluation of integral reparations in Colombia. With Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Executive Summary in English; Full Report in Spanish
Team lead/ Senior evaluator. For USAID/Afghanistan. Rule of Law Stabilization – Informal Component; Impact Evaluation Report. Report on evaluation research of informal justice capacity building program.
Team lead/Senior evaluator. For the United States Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Congress. USDA Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement Pilot Project – Independent Evaluation Report. Report presented to U.S. Congress and to USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, Office of Capacity Building, Food Assistance Division on 2011 research evaluating time and costs of procurement, market impact, and food quality of local and regional versus in-kind food aid.
Team lead/ Senior evaluator. For UNICEF Southern Sudan and the Government of Southern Sudan. Evaluation of the Go to School Initiative. Report on evaluation research.

Evaluations by Sector

Food aid, food security and social welfare
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Gender and ethnicity
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Impact evaluation
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Security sector reform
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Primary, secondary and tertiary education
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Conflict-affected countries
[table id=8 /]
Sustainable livelihoods: urban and rural
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Monitoring and indicator work
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Training/capacity development
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Proposal writing
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