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Flash Fiction Friday: Kyle 3099 (yeah, I know. It's not Wednesday either.)

Please see the lovely photo which inspired this piece, Kyle 3099 on Genoa Hill From High Plains Hogger on Flicker   The conductor, Kyle 3099 according to his embroidered nametag, slept peacefully on the cabin floor. “Sleeping peacefully,” in this context, meant … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Friday – 14 Feb 2017

14 February 2017. For Chuck Wendig’s weekly Flash Fiction prompt. My Random Number Generator chose 10. Long way home. April hoisted her lumpy backpack up on her bony shoulders. It should have weighed more. The dehydrated food packs she’d selected and tallied … Continue reading

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Warsaw in January

How lovely to hear Chopin in the park, at the touch of a button! The benches have really good acoustics – you can click on the pic to hear a piece from a good videographer called Happy Data Scientist (I’m not kidding) … Continue reading

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Is it a Muslim ban, or isn't it?

Let’s go to the who, what, when, where, why and how of the Executive Order (EO). No, I’m not a journalist, but rather a social scientist, which Trump would probably still find Bad. Or Sad. Or whatever it is he says. … Continue reading

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